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Moreno Valley Online Academy

Enrollment Process

Moreno Valley Online Academy (MVOA) enrolls students throughout the school year.  Parents whose students are enrolled in a Moreno Valley Unified School District need to talk to their child’s counselor or principal.  The counselor will then fill out an Alternative Education Committee Packet (AEC). 

The packet is scanned by your child's school counselor and sent to the AEC committee.  Your student's application will be evaluated and the committee will suggest the best alternative program will best serve the student.  If you have further questions you can contact our administrator Mr. Peeples or counselor Mrs. Byers.   A determination will be made by the AEC Committee and parents will be contacted and given a time to to attend a registration.

Parents may call to make an appointment to discuss the requirements of the program and determine if the student is eligible for the program.  

 Our number is 951-571-4970.