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Moreno Valley Online Academy

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Moreno Valley Online Academy (MVOA) Grades TK-12

Q: Do I have to pay to send my student child to this school?

A: No, Moreno Valley Online Academy provides a free education to all students registered.

Q: Can my students take more than 6 courses in a year?

A: Yes, after they have displayed that they can work in an online environment without issues and the teacher and administration both feel that this best supports the student goals.

Q: Will students be allowed to take ROP/CTE classes?

A: Yes, ROP/CTE offers work related courses for students that are at least 16 years old.

Q: If my student goes to this school will they be able to get into college?

A: Yes, UC, Cal State, Private/Independent and Community Colleges differ in their acceptance requirements.  Students should check admission requirements for the school they want to attend.

Q: If my student goes to this school will they be able to go into the military?

A: Check with your local recruiter to verify enlistment requirements.

Q: Can I take my student with me on vacation for a month and miss on campus sessions?

A: Yes, students needing to go on long trips or work related issues can go.  Parents and students need to communicate with the teachers and administration so accommodations can be worked out in advance. Students will be expected to stay current with the online curriculum and non-online assignments completed upon return. Students can access curriculum from a computer, tablet or cell phone with internet.

Q:  What type of computer equipment does my student need to have at home?

A: Students will need a computer, or district issued Chromebook with Chrome as the browser, internet access and a printer/scanner.

Q: Does the school provide the equipment?

A: Yes, the school does provide a Chromebook to a student enrolled in MVUSD.  Students also have access to computers during lab hours and at the public library.

Q:  How often does my student report to the school site?

A: An Individualized Learning Plan is designed for each student, but they must report at least once a week with their completed assignments.  Workshops and chapter tests are also completed at the school.  Students can choose to attend school one to five days a week.

Q: How many hours does my student have to work on the computer daily?

  • A:This is the minimum amount of time required for each grade level:
     Kindergarten (180 minutes a day). 
     Grades 1- (230 minutes a day).
     Grades 7-12 (240 minutes a day). 

Q:  As the parent, am I expected to assist my student with his/her assignments?

A: Yes, you will need to encourage, motivate, and monitor your student to ensure they complete their time on the computer and their coursework.

Q:  Will my student be able to take Honors or AP courses?

A: Yes 

Q:  Is your school WASC accredited?

A: Yes