Graduation Opportunity offers student assistance and instruction in completing high school graduation requirements (credits) to receive a diploma.  For students who need electives there is a career or college portfolio project that will help with elective credits and students to enter college or obtain a career.

Graduation opportunity is a blended model of instruction; OdysseyWare will be used as the online curriculum.  A certificated teacher will provide workshops/labs and one-to-one tutoring that will help students with their curriculum.

Each student will have their own individualized plan designed to meet their needs. 
These classes are credit recovery only and will allow students to earn a high school diploma.  Upon graduation students will be eligible to apply for junior college or trade school. 

 Graduation Opportunity is available to:

11th graders who are credit deficient

12th graders who are credit deficient.

Students who did not graduate
(17 &18 years old) that attended Moreno Valley Unified School District schools.